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For Immediate Release:

2022 Webby Awards:


Three weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic, a small team of producers came together to save a roster of non-profit organizations from losing their financial support. Two of which were Holocaust Museum LA for holocaust education and The American Cinematheque for the nurturing, education and social commentary of film between audience and creators, known and unknown.


For network television or live stream companies, executing virtual production around the daily-changing covid protocols and individual fears made it The Wild West.  But the Holocaust Museum LA’s 2020 Livestream special garnered two Telly Awards and an Emmy nomination for the company and its director/writer/producer, Michael Paul.


At the top of 2021, ACM returned to produce a second HMLA production focusing on not only the Covid pivot of education and outreach, but with Black Lives Matter, the Me Too Movement and the Texas hostage crisis, that this is not just a Jewish story. ACM spotlighted new technologies to document the final generation of survivors we can speak to directly.


The American Cinematheque Awards was at one time televised on TNT. In 2021 they wanted to rebrand and revitalize the program. Honoring Spike Lee, ACM reformatted the standard award-show format by making the 2021 virtual program a series of one on one chats between Lee’s production teams spanning his long career. Hosted by Jodie Foster, this program was a love-letter to film buffs and creatives alike during the most difficult time to produce during the pandemic. The production has already garnered two Telly Awards.


BOTH PRODUCTIONS ARE BEING CONSIDERED FOR THE CURRENT WEBBY AWARD NOMINATIONS. THE WEBBYS COMBINE INTERNAL JUDGES AS WELL AS PUBLIC SUPPORT. It is the hope that message and mission is considered above competing smoke and flash, representing Lee and the Survivors for WEBBY nods.

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